FAQs all you ever wanted to know about me

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Question: Do you really go out of your way to meet your fans and members?
YES, I do! Every time I run into one of my fans or members, I have such a great time. I really love to meet them in person so that they know I am real.
Question: What do you like as far as sex goes?
EVERYTHING and ANYTHING goes!! From hardcore fucking and sucking, to ALL types of Fetish play. I especially like Financial Domination and having my Feet and Ass Worshiped. I love to do ANY type of Roleplaying. The kinkier the better! I am a true nympho! Have you seen my HUGE CLIT?!? Of course I like the ladies too! As far as men go; I like all types as long as they have class and good manners.
Question: How do you keep your body looking so great? Do you really look like that in person?
I take VERY good care of myself. I eat healthy and workout very hard EVERYDAY. That’s no joke. What you see is what you really get. It is a HUGE turn-off when I meet someone and they look nothing like their pictures. While we are on the subject; I AM NOT A MILF! I don’t have any kids. (I love kids but I will NEVER have any.) Working out also keeps my butt super tight and makes me a dynamo in bed!
Question: Do you like oral sex?
I am VERY oral. I reward my men nicely. I love the taste of a guys cock! I can make a handjob or blowjob last for hours. I love to cock tease and make my guys rock hard. I really like to give head in public and do Gloryholes, cock milking, face fucking and servicing ...all to completion. The more, the merrier. You will often catch me grabbing the bagboy or a store manager and giving him a blowjob in my car. The pizza delivery guy ALWAYS gets a great “tip.” Anytime I have to have a repair guy come to my house, I ALWAYS make sure he leaves happy…. I break stuff in my house on purpose ;-)
Question: In your scenes, I notice that you are REALLY getting off and not faking it. Do you really cum that hard in all your scenes?
Yes!!! I am so multi-orgasmic! My pussy stays so wet, it runs down my legs. No one EVER needs lube with me!
Question: What are your turn-on’s?
Anything that has to do with Fetish, Fitness, Glamour, or Porn. I like wearing tight, sexy clothes with high heels. Running around the house naked, except for a pair of high heels. (You will NEVER catch me without a pair of high heels on. They make my ass and legs look great and I feel SO sexy and girly.) I NEVER wear panties so flashing people in public is a super turn-on. (I like to wear super short skirts and bend over so everyone can see my pussy and tight ass.) Teasing men in public is a big turn-on. I LOVE men! I like to tease and seduce them, then suck and fuck them someplace where we might get caught, like; in my car, in an office or supply room, in the men’s room, by the pool, ANYWHERE! My turn-on’s include; Roleplay, Financial Domination, having my Feet and Ass Worshiped, Sex with Bondage, Glory Holes, (There's a Glory Hole in the fence by my pool,) Double Penetrations and Gang Bangs. I am such a cock whore! I hardly wear anything to the gym and love for everyone to stare at me. (Once, a guys cock got so hard, it jumped out of his shorts.) I like being in the middle of a LOT of men jerking off. Getting covered in HOT cum. I also like to have guys Creampie DEEP inside me...
Question: What are your favorite things to do?
I love to Roleplay and have kinky sex, anywhere and everywhere! I also like being spoiled with fine gifts, fine hotels and fine restaurants.
Question: I heard that you are in the "Swinger Lifestyle."
Absolutely! Swinging is such a blast. I meet so many GREAT people in “The Lifestyle.” I started Swinging a while back with a boytoy of mine and I’ve been hooked ever since. I go to ALL the Swinger conventions! I always go by myself or with a group of “friends.” Everyone kept saying, ”WOW, you fuck like a pornstar…” and that’s why I started this website. I LOVE SEX!!!